The editors would like to thank the 36 authors from around the world who participated in this conversation with objects from the Terra Foundation’s collection. We appreciate their thoughtful input and value the unique insights they brought to the dialogue. Special thanks to François Brunet, Sarah Burns, David Peters Corbett, Frances Fowle, Chris McAuliffe, and Sarah Monks for their thematic essays, which evolved through long-term (and long-distance) conversations. Thanks also to Elizabeth Glassman for her leadership and vision, to the Board of the Terra Foundation for American Art for their enthusiastic support, and to all our colleagues at the Terra Foundation, past and present, especially: John Davis, Charles Mutscheller, Catherine Ricciardelli, Francesca Rose, and Veerle Thielemans.

The majority of the artists’ biographies and interpretive essays for the paintings included in this handbook were first prepared for presentation on the Terra Foundation’s website by independent art historian Wendy Greenhouse. These texts were updated and adapted for inclusion in this publication by Julie Boulage, Curatorial Associate; Julie Warchol, Curatorial Associate (until 2017); Taylor L. Poulin, Curatorial Associate; and Sarah Wheat, Curatorial Research Assistant.

We also appreciate all the conversations we had with designers and web developers, who helped us conceptualize and shape this book and its digital companion. We thank them for their many good ideas, their diligence, and their good cheer. A very special thanks go to Julie Warchol, Julie Boulage, Shari Felty, and Taylor L. Poulin for all that they have done to make this publication possible.