Terra Foundation for American Art
Elizabeth Glassman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Amy Zinck, Executive Vice President
Anne Munsch, Chief Financial Officer

Conversations with the Collection:
A Terra Foundation Collection Handbook

Edited by Katherine M. Bourguignon and Peter John Brownlee

Julie Boulage, Curatorial Associate
Shari Felty, Assistant Registrar
Charles Mutscheller, Manager of Communications
Taylor L. Poulin, Curatorial Associate
Cathy Ricciardelli, Director of Registration
Francesca Rose, Program Director, Publications
Julie Warchol, Curatorial Associate (until 2017)

Susan Tallman, Editor
Prudence Crowther, Copy Editor
Shelly Roman, Editorial Consultant
Practise, Design Direction (James Goggin and Shan James, with William Sumrall)
Pat Goley, Professional Graphics, Inc., Color Separations
Michael Tropea, Photographer
Bonnie Rimer, Consulting Conservator
Nick Gracilla, Neoteric Design, Digital Companion Development
Mark Skala, Skalawag Productions, Videography
Jon Linton, Studio 424, Artwork Exploration Tool

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Header Image: Arthur Dove, Boat Going through Inlet, c. 1929